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DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

Moving on…and out (Farewell post)

Posted by wewantwalker on January 3, 2008

WeWantWalker.com was started for two reasons

1) First and foremost, we believe that DeWayne Walker is going to be an unbelievably successful head coach at the Division-I level.

2) A few websites out there attacked not only his proven ability as a football coach, but attacked him PERSONALLY without ANY merit whatsoever. The things they were saying were not only completely untrue, but they were embarrassing to read as a bruin fan. I still can’t believe that there are bruins writing this.

I had been sitting here watching this kind of thing happen for way too long. Websites like BN and DD would say something completely baseless and…

 No one was there to respond.

Now there are plenty of boards with plenty of smart, logical, and decent bruin fans (Bruinzone, BRO, Bruinville, and BruinGold come to mind). Yet the voices of reason on those boards weren’t part of a larger community, a larger unified voice.

And thats how WeWantWalker started. My first post wasn’t about DeWayne Walker, it was a promise to not shut out opinions that I disagreed with. Wow, what a novel concept, eh?

And my second post? It was an edit of the first post…where I made it very clear that anyone who made personal attacks on this website without merit would not be welcome. Wow, you’re thinking, where do I get these ideas???

Great men deserve great respect. When you hear what other coaches (including Coach Neu), recruits, and reporters say about him, you get an image of Coach Walker as a tireless worker, a smart and polite man, and someone who values integrity like we all should at UCLA.

The reason people have called Walker a “shameless backstabber” and a “hack” among many other names is obvious: they know they have no facts to work with and that they need to resort to personal attacks. Deep down inside, I KNOW they respect DeWayne Walker. If they don’t, they need one of these:


 And those kind of people are an embarrassment to UCLA. And it is my job to keep them in check. I was laughed at by those sites when I first launched…I was called a “silly” site and the initial post describing my site was called “try not to laugh.”

I’ve been around a week and a half and I’m getting more than half the traffic that BN gets. I don’t think those guys are laughing anymore.

So last night when I got the news that Walker was going to be retained, I pumped my fist through the air and woke up my neighbor. I was especially ecstatic because UCLA kept DeWayne Walker even though he was being courted by MIAMI, LSU, AND, TEXAS. We just won a fight with Miami, LSU, and Texas?  UCLA football? Things have changed pretty quickly huh?

And so I’ll end this post saying that I have plenty of faith in Coach Neuheisel and that I look forward to the future.  

As for my new website, it’s going to be what you might expect out of me. We will allow different points of view, we’re not going to allow personal attacks (unless they are REALLY funny), we’re going to have humor, and we’re going to be informative. We’re going to be a watchdog.

Most importantly, We are going to take back the Bruin Blogosphere. One gutty little bruin at a time. 


-BlackJack (proud founder of wewantwalker.com and guttylittlebruins.com

P.S.  I want to thank all you who have expressed admiration for the principles that drove this site.  I have taken those comments to heart and at times when I thought this might have been a bit overwhelming, these very comments have kept me going.  I hope to see you all on the new site.






2 Responses to “Moving on…and out (Farewell post)”

  1. Bailey said

    Amen Blackjack! I always looked to this site for its positive attitude and professional and upstanding comments. If only DD and BN would realize that while they have their best interest at heart, their method of delivery could use some serious polishing. Too often the message they were trying to get across was delivered far too poorly. Congrats on a great website…I’lll be sure to stay tuned in to guttylittlebruins.com!

    Thanks again and Go Bruins!!!

  2. TommyB said

    I don’t know why I feel the urge to say this but…I really, really, really am in the mood for pancakes.

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