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DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

Why I think Walker will Stay

Posted by wewantwalker on January 2, 2008

This is my response to MagicalBruin on why I think Walker will stay. 


When I read that sportingnews.com report that Walker would be going to Washington, I didn’t believe it. Not because I’m a DeWayne Walker fan, because it makes so little sense. Aside from what you are hearing in the press, there is very little reason for me to believe that Walker would go to Washington. Here is why:

 1)Rick Neuheisel wants to do whats in the best interests of the program. He wants to keep the recruiting class. When he meets with the recruiting class he’s going to get a sense of how strong their ties are with Walker and want to keep him on even more

2)Neuheisel is, like Carroll, a politician.  He will easily compromise having Ken Norton on staff if that means that he can keep Walker and the recruiting class intact.

3) Most importantly, Walker wants to stay in LA. He’s from LA. His son is a ucla commit. His family loves UCLA and he has relatives that have gone there. His wife loves arcadia.  He doesn’t want to uproot unless it’s an opportunity he can’t give up (Head coaching job).  Walker might have bigger plans (as he should, the man is a goldmine) but part of those bigger plans, I think, include sticking around.

I can see Walker going to U-dub for the following reasons:

1) Washington was the worst in the pac-10. He can turn around that defense pronto and prove to everyone else who doesn’t visit this site that he’s awesome

2) more money, longer contract.

3) RN won’t let him keep his own staff.

On balance, I think there are more than enough reasons for him to stay. But we’ll see… 


In term of facts, all I have is “chatter” which may not bee to reliable and the fact that Neuheisel really wants Walker to stay and is willing to compromise. You’re not dealing with Stalin here, you’re dealing with RN. Dude is a lawyer. come on.

 I could be wrong, but I tend to be good at thinking through these things deeply, dynamically, and interactively.  I didn’t have faith in these prognostications until 4 people told me that I think exactly like an AD.

In fact, if I was Dan Guerrero I would have hired Rick Neuheisel not Walker.

Why? Because I want to cover my ass and hiring rick neuheisel, a coach with experience who i can control, covers my ass more than if I hire a coach like Walker with no HC experience.

 In fact, five years ago, I guarantee you DG would have hired Walker, but the fans and boosters weren’t going to have any of the “No head coaching experience” thing anymore.  They wanted a name, and they got it.

They didn’t get the better coach though, IMHO. They got the safer one.

Anyway, I’ve gotten off topic. but I think common sense dictates that Walker stays.


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