We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

We got our man.

Posted by wewantwalker on January 2, 2008

DeWayne Walker has been hired by Rick Neuheisel. I’m still awaiting details on the contract, but I would bet its for $400-450,000 and at least 2 years.

Tomorrow we’ll have our farewell post.

I’m also going to come out and say that I think its a 99 percent surety that Eric Scott is going to be retained as well. Where do I get that from? Another hunch:

1) Scott is a UCLA Alum. I think by going after Ken Norton Jr., RN was trying to establish a UCLA vibe amongst his staff as best he could. This type of behavior would include going after guy’s like Scott

2) Walker knows and likes Scott and will put in a good word for him

3) Scott is an unbelivable recruiter and I’m sure RN knows this.

If I’m right, that makes me 3 for 3.

Anyway, thats all for now. Tomorrow is the farewell post, which ive been working on for quite a while and a new beginning at another address.

I want to thank all of you for your support. I really think we made a difference and I hope we can continue to make a difference.

DeWayne Walker will be a fantastic coach at the D-I level.  But right now, I’m just happy he’s our defensive coordinator.

-WWW (also known as BlackJack)


6 Responses to “We got our man.”

  1. UCLABruin76 said

    Nice job sir. I visited your site maybe 10 times, and in short order you provided ALOT. Thank-you.

  2. Hey everyone at wewantwalker.com,

    Just want to say that from a current UCLA student, thanks for this blog. I’ll be completely honest, I have been utterly disgusted at some others blogs such as Bruinsnation.com for their completely unjust hatred of good guys like Walker but even more than that, just how they go about things. They are close-minded and the whole place is distasteful and always one sided. I truly hate it. But I went there because I wanted some kind of Bruins blog atmosphere.

    I am glad that I found this place and that you will continue it. Even though you wanted Walker, you guys were always respectful and completely opposite from the other guys, full of class. Honest on both sides and just a fair blog. You definitely have a new reader and poster in me.

    Thanks for getting this site up and I look forward to joining and help build this great new community you have going! 🙂

  3. Tony said

    No need to leave…. just change the name of the site… always good to have a smart dedicated page to Bruin football, if nothing else it’s a far superior alternative to DD and BN. good job and thanks for being a great Bruin!

  4. Silverlake Bruin said

    Reggie Moore was named WR coach this morning. If E Scott is retained, it will be another capacity. I do hope he gets another shot with better mentoring.

  5. Thanks guys. I really appreciate those comments. They really kept me going.

  6. bpbruin said


    Thanks for all the Walker updates, and thanks again for putting up this wonderful site. It allowed us Walker fans to express our appreciation for the man’s character and work. I think it did make a difference.

    I echo Uclabruin11’s sentiments regarding the Bruin blogosphere. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Looking forward to your new blog.

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