We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

I see you.

In an effort to encourage people to voice their opinions, I’ll be making this the initial page of the website. The most recent posts are listed on the right. -WWW 

You’re sitting there. It’s late at night. You agree with what you are reading on this site. You, unequivocally, want Walker.

But you won’t click on the Take Action Link. “Screw my vote, it doesn’t count. It’s useless. What’s one email going to do?” you’ll say.

I know because I’ve said the same thing too.

Ah. There is so much riding on this hire. I don’t see Pete Carroll hanging around the Pac-10. I see them getting reamed (finally) by the NCAA. I see PC tucking tail and running, leaving a program in shambles.

And the question is which program will rise from those ashes. UCLA? or USC?

And more importantly, who do you want to represent your university? Does integrity matter to you? Do you think integrity should matter to UCLA? Do you want to do things the way they do them across town?

The question is…

do you want to be able to distinguish between blue and gold…and mustard and ketchup? (…USC’s colors)

You think your vote counts a little more, huh?

That’s what I thought

Let Dan Guerrero and Chancellor Block know how you feel. They can’t see you.

but they can hear you.


26 Responses to “I see you.”

  1. mike said

    anyone and everyone who says walker needs to be UCLA new head coash is an absolute fool and part of the problem…not the soloution

  2. Sanji said

    Editor’s Note: for the record, travesty is one of y favorite words.

    This Website is a travesty. Hiring Walker would be one of the biggest mistakes UCLA will ever make. However it make may another five .50 seasons and several million $$ to realize that.

  3. Richie said

    This a very important point you bring up, but all the evidence points to walker wanting to stay at ucla as a college head coach. I’m writing this on my phone so I can’t quite elaborate, but check this comment in a half-hour and ill have the evidence assembled.

    Do you pro-Walker guys not realize that Walker’s goal appears to be to coach in the NFL, whenever that’s possible. By hiring Walker now, he’ll be gone in possibly as early as 2 years, which would put us right in the same position that we are now.

    Would you want to go through with all this BS again? Walker, despite his assets, is not the right person at this time.

  4. Richard said

    When Walker’s defense can stop WSU then we will talk. Damm all you who are promoting this hack.

  5. Silverlake Bruin said

    I find it comical that people still peddle the nonsense that DW is not a top notch defensive coordinator. He is. Get over the nonsense that somehow he isn’t.

    That doesn’t mean he is necessarily the best man for the HC job at this time. I think DG is doing the right thing in assembling all his candidates, and talking to everyone before making a decision.

    If it’s Walker or Neuheisal, I think its a toss up. Ricky has baggage, and a record that doesn’t indicate sustained success. Walker doesn’t have a HC record.

    However, If DG can find a top notch “name”, than I would prefer that over either. I think DG should continue to work through all his options, and who knows, Walker may be the best candidate, but at this point, I think it is too early to commit to him without getting a better sense of what is out there.

  6. clone12 said

    Walker’s D finished 14th in the nation in terms of yards per carry, without getting any help from the offense.

    Of course this is something Walker-haterss can’t acknowledge.

  7. Dano said

    I see you. Walker will be an outstanding head coach. I hope he lands at UCLA. It would be disastrous to go up against him in the Pac 10.

  8. DC said

    I’m ok with Walker and/or RN. I wish we had better options but DW will do a fine job. However, if DW goes to Washington with Tyrone Willingham, we can kiss every 5 and 4 star kid in the state goodbye as they drink that chocolate milk and win a few pac-10 titles!

  9. Bruins Sux said

    Walker is not the guy we really want to have up north, but if it means you get Slick Rick, then I guess we would take him. Either way, a lateral move is not moving up.

  10. Steve said

    I’m not excited about Walker, but I will take him over Neuheisal. Not much of a choice, I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

  11. dave said

    gotta do something other than rick neuheisel who has so much bad baggage

  12. dugan said

    the only hope for you guys is Neuheisel… he will make a difference right away. he’s smart enough to have learned from his mistakes, he’s been coaching in the NFL under Billick so he’s learned a LOT, he’s an alum, and a guy who desperately wants another chance to coach college football… no way he screws this one up, if he gets the chance. as a fan of another pac-10 school, the only guy i fear as the next UCLA coach is Neuheisel.

  13. GoBears58 said

    we hope you guys hire D’uh Walk as we will light up his D for another 40+ points here in Berkeley next year.

  14. Scottdawgs said

    Ask any Husky or Colorado fan if they would want Neuheisel back…. USC is a bunch of thugs, just like Colorado became, just like Dennis Erickson recruits to Arizona state, Oregon State, Miami, Wazzu & Wyoming. Ask any of those schools if they want him back. Their scorched earth win now without solid base or structure is short term and will only bring the NCAA security down on you. UCLA has class kids & a clsss program, WE WANT WALKER IN SEATTLE, but you really don’t want this guy who talks like an attorney, acts like an attorney and is best buddies with the players. There was an issue with illegality at least twice every year at UW when he was there, not just the last year when he got fired for interviewiung with the 49ers and then telling the university he had not. RThey were all minor infractions but it never stopped, same with Colorado. He is the a typical attorney, the exact letter of the law over, always push the envelope. You are a public institution not able to hide like USC. Do you think baltimore had a good offense this year ? He has a big heart and is a nice guy, gives a great interview, but I would not let him coach any one of my three football playing sons.

  15. UtePower said

    The Utes certainly would not mind if Walker is in charge the next time we play.

    We scored 44 on Walker’s D. He’s not that special.

  16. Tommy said

    Hiring Walker as Head Coach would be a HUGE mistake for Guerrero, a career-ender. We’ve already had 5 years of misery with an incompetent, inexperienced HC, we don’t want another 5 with his protege. Neuheisel would not be the best choice, but he’d be better than Walker. Jones, Mendenhall, Petersen, Leach are the types of coaches we should be going after. WAKE UP GUERRERO. SAY NO TO WALKER!

  17. Huskykeats said

    Please, please, please hire Slick Rick!!!!! Then watch your toilet bowl plans come true. He’s a cheat and a liar and a lousy recruiter. Ask Colorado and those who know him here in Seattle. Please hire him…it will set your program back 10 years.

  18. Brad said

    Enjoy Rick Neuhisel’s type recruiting classes with 7 mediocre WRs and no Offensive Linemen

  19. RoyRoy said

    We want Erickson, Bellotti AND Carroll.

    An immodest proposal by the search firm that Dan Guerrero should’ve hired.


  20. Aaron said

    Did we get beat badly by Utah this year. . .of course! Was that an aberration, of course. As Bill Plaschke said in the dec. 28 article in the Times, how many of USC’s opponents could devise a plan to stop their offense 2 years in a row? Our defense played lights out for most of this year while the offense sputtered like a 1972 Datsun. I know we lost our quarterbacks, but don’t forget, they weren’t that great to begin with. Ben Olson is not playing in the NFL and neither is Pat Cowan. When Toledo was coaching, we had Drew Bennett as a backup who is now killing defenses in the NFL.

    My point is, give Walker a chance! He’s proven he can coach, motivate, and strategize. Is he inexperienced. . .yes. But many of us are excelling at jobs right now that when we were hired, we didn’t have the experience for. Look at his track record – what he brings to the table. Karl Dorrell had no track record. He was coaching receivers. This guy is coaching a whole damn defense for crying out loud. Last time I checked, most coaches go from coordinator to head coach.

    All you haters – if you were next in line on your job and had done a great job and they hired from somewhere else you’d be pissed off. I know the football game is different, but I’m a 1996 Bruin – BA Anthropology. I was at UCLA in the midst of the 8 year streak. I saw Terry Donahue get his ass kicked by USC year in and year out. I saw Toledo’s defense allow Edgerrin James and Ron Dayne to become first round NFL draft picks. Walker is going to do better than either of these guys. Trust. And I’m willing to bet that UCLA becomes a top ten program year in and year out. Where’s the money at?

  21. Vegas Dawg said

    From a purely selfish standpoint, I hope UCLA passes on Walker and we end up with him as our DC.

    I thought Rick did a good job while coaching our team. We won a Rose Bowl and didn’t crash and burn in the decond half like a Tyrone coached team.

    I know you all felt Karl was a bad coach, however I wish we had your record over the past few years.

    Either way….Rick or Walker would be a good move for you guys. Good luck.

  22. Peter said

    Karl Dorrell was a coordinator longer than Walker. He was more experienced, and we all saw how that turned out.

  23. Walker is the answer baby. He can do it all.

    Here you go:

    1. He can recruit lights out. Recruit and win head to head with Pete which nobody can do except Walker.

    2. He can coach. He may be the best DC in America. He’s done more with less than anybody that’s for sure. He came in to coach a bunch of undersized, untalented misfits and turned them into the No. 1 rush defense in the Pac 10 his first season. We had no depth whatsoever for him and he still fielded a good D both years.

    3. He has the respect of everybody that has worked with him on any level. Kids love and respect him. Respect of your players is half the job of any coach.

    4. HEad coaching experience. He took this crappy team, worked on the basics with crisp practices and he managed the game better than any coach could. We had all 3 time outs at the end of the game. He couldn[‘t have done more against a team that was heavily favored. I knew we’d win or cover that 7. Thanks Walker. You won me some cash on the under and Ucla.

    5. Walker is easily the best thing to happen to Ucla football since Cade. How can you kick the guy to the curb? The foundation is set. All we needed was a coach with some common sense and we have that with Walker.

    Differences between Walker and Dorrell:

    Dorrell conservative. Walker aggressive.

    Dorrell can’t recruit. Walker recruits lights out.

    Dorrell was a terrible assistant coach and OC before being hired. Walker has always been a great coach and lately a great Defensive coordinator.

    Most of the guys anti-Walker say he is the same as Dorrell. They say this because they are both black. These two are not the same at all.

    Ucla is too stupid to hire Walker but we are that close to becoming big time again. It’s a shame Dan G doesn’t have the balls to hire the right guy.


  24. starakawa said

    Neuheisel is our Best Shot – He has been a good head coach, good record and has matured since his transgressions at Colorado.

    Walker is a decent DC who has no business being involved in the search. You people who want Walker so bad are either (a) USC Fans, (b) Cal Fans or (c) really stupid Bruin Fans.

  25. Staramoron?

    First, why is Rick N good? His record got worse and worse with both of his head coaching jobs. He came in to both gigs, inherited a decent team and won then in both cases got worse and worse. You’re the idiot if you think this guy is better than Walker.

    Second, Walker is a great DC. You obviously don’t know much about football or are just a girl but let me explain something to you. An offense as bad as Ucla’s affects a defense. Ucla has exactly ZERO players on offense with NFL potential and maybe 2 decent kids on defense. Walker has been working with ZERO depth and very little talent – decent talent but undersized. Walker is an absolute stud and most importantly he can recruit elite players which has not been done for a very long time at Ucla.

    Name one thing that Walker has done to suggest he won’t make a great head coach?

    Ya, hire Rick or Harbaugh. You’re an idiot. No offense. Freaking typical Ucla nerd that has never swang a bat or put on a helmet for anything.


    ps. Don’t worry. they are not hiring Walker. They are not that smart.

  26. Rick N is a potentially good hire. I like the guy. I’ll pitch in if they can keep D Walker. Tell me where to cut the check.

    I have to think Dan G will do whatever it takes to keep the man.

    Please keep Walker. It would be worth it to pay him $1M a year.


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