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DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

Walker leaning toward staying as Defensive Coordinator

Posted by wewantwalker on December 29, 2007

Per Dohn,

“sources said defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker, one of the finalists for the job, is leaning toward staying with the program, which could be a coup considering he was the mastermind behind a strong recruiting class. He has a two-year offer from Washington to be the defensive coordinator.”

We’ll find out soon enough. I’m on pins and needles, but i’m almost positive he’s staying. We gotta keep the class. and who would fire such a rockin coordinator? I also think he’ll get a promotion to assistant head coach so DG can acknowledge how impressive Walker was and give Walker the recognition he deserves. But I’m waiting…


One Response to “Walker leaning toward staying as Defensive Coordinator”

  1. BruinMIM said

    WWW — We have disagreed on RN, but I nonetheless respect your upbeat attitude on the Bruins. I hope and trust that RN will prove to be an outstanding hire as HC, and I am sure you will also be glad if it turns out to be the better move.

    Personally, and I have said this elsewhere, I would love to see DG, with RN’s full endorsement, give DW a decent raise from $330K to about $450K, on a 2-year deal (same as UW) and a bump-up to Asst. HC.

    If they make that offer, and DW decides to go to UW anyway, then oh well, best of luck to him, so long as his interests don’t conflcit with ours.

    Just because I think UCLA can be stronger NOW with RN as head coach, I don’t think UCLA will be as strong WITHOUT both RN anf DW here.

    I hope he stays, too. If not, I wish him well.


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