We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

Straight Outta Shakespeare

Posted by wewantwalker on December 28, 2007

There have been a lot of things said about the coaching search and the general pulse of the bruin fandom ain’t too happy with how thing are going right now.

So I’ve found myself asking this the last couple of weeks: “What the hell is wrong with UCLA?”

Dohn has commented on UCLA’s poor facilities and stringent academic standards here.  The thing is, I don’t think I can agree with the academic restrictions issue. UCLA’s last three classes, including this upcoming one, have shown quite a bit of star power. UCLA should upgrade its facilities, but it’s not like its all the way up in Oregon where it’s a necessity to attract recruits.

We’re UCLA. Yeah, I know that sounds a little cocky, but I think any fair-minded, reasonable person would agree that “UCLA” conjures up different images of greatness as opposed to say, “Western Mississippi State University.” I hope the latter doesn’t exist or I met get some nasty emails. 

I think the problem with UCLA hasn’t been institutional, I think it’s been the coaching. UCLA hasn’t had a truly great coach in decades. I would say Dick Vermeil was the last one.

And thats what makes this coaching search so dramatic and even tragic.  UCLA in recent years has hired inexperienced assistants as head coaches in football and basketball and, as I’m sure you know, they haven’t set the world on fire.

 The one time we get a gold mine like DeWayne Walker as an assistant is the one time where UCLA, just may be, overly insistent on hiring someone with experience. If Shakespeare wrote a play on a college football head coaching search (imagine that eh?) it might play out like this.

I’m not surprised that UCLA is still looking for candidates. Guerrero is between a rock and a hard place right now. On one side he’s got Walker who has no experience as a head coach and on the other he’s got RN whose lists of transgressions matches the length of some PHD dissertations. Every footstep is wrought with potential peril. What is our beloved AD to do?

I’m telling you. Straight outta Shakespeare. 


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