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DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

Part II:Are Walker and Neuheisel mutually exclusive?

Posted by wewantwalker on December 28, 2007

Thanks to MIM for the heads up. According to Tom Dienhart (a fairly reliable source), Walker will stay at UCLA even if Neuheisel is hired:

Walker likely would remain at UCLA as defensive coordinator if Rick Neuheisel gets the head coaching job, according to a source close to Walker. Willingham is also talking to Walker about his opening as defensive coordinator at Washington.

Walker wants to stay at UCLA. He loves it here. His wife loves it here. His kid loves it here. His kid is a ucla commit.  The man wants to stay. I’ve said it a million times.

What do y’all think?


4 Responses to “Part II:Are Walker and Neuheisel mutually exclusive?”

  1. Brad in LA said

    I doubt he stays if he doesn’t get the Head Coaching job. I don’t buy that for one moment. If this was true wouldn’t he have turned Willingham down? Makes no sense

  2. I think it makes perfect sense.

    Nobody knows who the next coach will be… nobody. We can speculate that it will be Neuheisel, but it could be this “other” coach as well. Even if it is Neuheisel, Walker would probably want to meet Rick first and get to know him before turning down any other job opportunities.

    The other side for Walker is that the Washington offer is great leverage for him. He can use it to put pressure on Dan to say, “give me the head coaching job or I might leave… look I have a job offer from Willingham”. He might very well want to stay at UCLA, but why give up that card from your deck? Wait to see what happens with the head coaching job, evaluate your options from there, and then decide. During down the Washington offer right now doesn’t benefit him in any way.

  3. Jason said

    I ‘ll say this. If Walker doesn’t get the head coaching job. He’ll be the new DC at Washington. He’s not staying here, after having all the support of the players to be head coach, he is passed over for a cheater?? Not happening.

  4. cv said

    Jason is right, if DW is not the HC he is gone! His style and the slick ones style just won’t jive.

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