We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

I see you

Posted by wewantwalker on December 27, 2007

You’re sitting there. It’s late at night. You agree with what you are reading on this site. You, unequivocally, want Walker.

But you won’t click on the Take Action Link. “Screw my vote, it doesn’t count. It’s useless. What’s one email going to do?” you’ll say.

I know because I’ve said the same thing too.

Ah. There is so much riding on this hire. I don’t see Pete Carroll hanging around the Pac-10. I see them getting reamed (finally) by the NCAA. I see PC tucking tail and running, leaving a program in shambles.

 And the question is which program will rise from those ashes. UCLA? or USC?

And more importantly, who do you want to represent your university? Does integrity matter to you? Do you think integrity should matter to UCLA? Do you want to do things the way they do them across town?

The question is…

do you want to be able to distinguish between blue and gold…and mustard and ketchup? (…USC’s colors)

You think your vote counts a little more, huh?

 That’s what I thought

Let Dan Guerrero and Chancellor Block know how you feel. They can’t see you.

 but they can hear you. 


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