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Are Neuheisel and Walker Mutually Exclusive?

Posted by wewantwalker on December 27, 2007

Did I just use “mutually exclusive” in a blog title? I’ve been in school way to long.

 Anyway, LA Times is reporting that if Neuheisel comes back to Westwood, Walker may go:

Walker, who has been a key figure in the Bruins’ recruiting success, is expected to seriously consider the Washington job if Neuheisel is hired by UCLA, a source said. He probably would also meet with Neuheisel. UCLA athletic department officials want to retain Walker, no matter who is hired. 

 I hope that’s not true. I really really really want Walker to stay…but can you blame him?

I can’t. 



6 Responses to “Are Neuheisel and Walker Mutually Exclusive?”

  1. Brad said

    This is a no brainer to me. Why would you stay and work under a cheater? Why stay with a school who picked a cheating coach with no integrity over you? Especially when you have several options. Bottom line is, Walker has a better chance of being a HC, if he goes elsewhere and turns another defense around. Like Washington or Miami. He’s further proving himself by doing that. I can’t imagine Walker staying and working under Slick Rick. No chance.

  2. BruinMIM said

    Interesting… but what about this bit from Tom Dienhart of Sporting News, who, admittedly, has been getting some fairly good info on the coaching search and even beating Dohn to the punch once or twice.

    “Walker will likely remain at UCLA as defensive coordinator if Rick Neuheisel gets the head coaching job, according to a source close to Walker.”


    If DW will stay as DC/ asst. HC under RN with a good bump
    in pay (I’m thinking at least to $475K per year and a 2-year deal after his 1-year deal at $350K last year), why not go that route?


  3. BruinMIM said

    “I am pleased to see your site. I only discovered it today. Your point about DeWayne being more loyal to UCLA than Neuheisel has a ring of truth to it. … The Walker family from whence DeWayne comes, has been, always, a UCLA family.”

    Since it’s being reported that DW apparently HAS interviewed with Washington for the defensive coordinator — not head coach — position, does this still hold true?

    In other words, is DW being loyal or disloyal, or neither, if he is interviewing with another Pac-10 school for the same job he already has here, and may continue to have here next year, if RN is hired as HC?

    By the same token, is DW really more or less loyal to UCLA than RN, if rumors are true and RN actually has a HEAD COACH offer from SMU to consider while he is presumably waiting on UCLA?


  4. MIM, i think it still does. I think there’s a good chance but for Walker’s loyalty to dorrell, he might have taken over in an interim basis earlier in the year, but that is entirely speculation on my part.

    While I believe his love and appreciation for the opporunity UCLA gave him is genuine, if Washington is willing to drop serious coin on him he can’t ignore that.He still to look out for him and his family and that concept is should be second to none.

  5. BruinMIM said

    WWW — Of course, serious coin can be subejctive.

    As I recall from reports, UW only pays it’s coordinators in the $200K range. Even factoring in different costs of living in the 2 states, Walker’s $330-350K for this past season is a pretty competitive matchup in salaries.

    This is why I said I’d hope DG and the admins can match UW’s 2-year contract offer, and bum,p DC up in pay and title to Asst. HC, with something like $475K per year.

    If DW can get a guaranteed 2-year, $950K-$1.05M deal, I think DW can (a) take the money and stay, and (b) parlay that into a better HC offer down the road, whether that be here or at another school.

    If he goes to UW for 1-year and TW gets canned, there’s NO guarantee he’ll be considered for the top spot. Here, though, another couple of years as DC helps him further build his rep and resume (as opposed to starting over again at UW) and will probably work better for his long-term career plans.


  6. Brad said


    Just because they paid Kent Baer that doesn’t mean they are going to pay Walker that. Also According to Dohn, They have offered Walker 2 yrs and more money than he was making here at UCLA. Having said that, if Walker is looking to build his resume so he can be a Head Coach. Going somewhere else and turning around another defense, helps him more than it would staying here. If he goes to Washington, and turns that defense around, he’ll likely be the hottest name in the country. Lets remember they already have a very good offense. So if he can actually turn their defense around, they’ll be talked about nationally, further putting the spotlight on him.

    I just can’t see him staying and working under Slick Rick. A guy who is a cheater and has little to no integrity. If someone else is hired, he might. But I doubt he stays under Slick Rick.

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