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DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

A letter that puts ours to shame

Posted by wewantwalker on December 27, 2007

Bumped from the comments. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. 

Just wanted to share with everyone the letter I sent to AD Dan Guerrero tonight in support of the hiring of coach Walker.

Dear Dan Guererro,

As a lifelong Bruin from a family of Bruins I write to you this evening in support of the hiring of DeWayne Walker as our next head football coach at UCLA. The list of reasons to hire Walker as our next coach is long so I will just take the time to touch on a few of the ones I consider to be of most importance.

In his two years at UCLA DeWayne Walker has successfully transformed the Bruin defense from one of the worst in the country to one of the very best, and he has done all that really without the help of any of “his” players. This year brought in some of Walkers prized recruits including Defensive Tackle Brian Price, who as you know is on many people’s Freshman All-American lists. The landing of Recruits like Brian Price from my understanding of coach Walkers responsibilities at UCLA is that he was instrumental in the recruiting process.The incoming freshman for next season have a bond with this man and some have even hinted to the fact that they might opt out of their commitments to UCLA if Walker is not retained. This outcome is without a doubt unacceptable in the eyes of me and I am sure most other UCLA Bruin fans and Alumni.

Walker is unquestionably a great coach with a fine pedigree.He has worked under Hall of Fame coaches including Joe Gibbs and Bill Belicheck, and he was also Pete Carroll’s first hire at USC when he became head coach across town. Simply speaking from a football standpoint, the man can flat out coach. I hope you were watching the same game I was last season when we beat USC 13-9. It was Walker’s Defensive game plan that led us to victory. Without a doubt if we had any other Defensive Coordinator in that game we would have lost. His presence in that game stood out that much!

I urge you to seriously consider coach DeWayne Walker for the position of head coach. Personally I do not want to see a retread with a sketchy past like Rick Neuheisel as our head football coach.He has left a black eye on two programs already, I don’t think the reward outweighs the risk for him to get the chance to do the same at UCLA. We have already been down that path with a coach who couldn’t command the respect of the program with Bob Toledo. Don’t let history repeat itself! I want a man with a plan for the present and for the future, I want a man of honesty and integrity, that can not only hold the respect of our players but the respect of the rest of the country. I strongly believe that DeWayne Walker is that man. It is no coincidence that other programs are lining up to try and woo coach Walker away from UCLA in the unfortunate (in my eyes) event that he isn’t hired as Head Coach. I hope you can see what they see in him, what the players and recruits see in him, and to a lesser extent; what I can see in the man.

I am pleading with you to make the right choice by keeping coach Walker in Westwood. Your coaching search should be about finding the teams next Offensive Coordinator, because the right man for the head coach job has already been found and he is on the staff as we speak. Go out and get that offensive coordinator who can make the Bruin offense as great as coach Walker’s defense. We will then have a complete and balanced football team on par with the finest programs in the country, those guys from across town included.

Very truly yours,

Chris ReichmanSection 4 row 9 seats 1-2

Poetry. Chris. Poetry. 



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