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DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

Walker is a Hot Commodity

Posted by halfcourt on December 25, 2007

Walker is a hot commodity. Players & recruits rally around him, other people want him, and industry professionals respect him.Taylor Summers at www.collegesportspro.com seconds our notion that players rally around Walker.

Anybody get the feeling last night that the UCLA football team kind of rallies around interim head coach, and Defensive Coordinator, DeWayne Walker? I sure did. UCLA went in to the Las Vegas Bowl as an underdog to #17 BYU. BYU, by all accounts should have blown them away. What happened? BYU needed a huge play at the end of the game to win 17-16. BYU is well coached. They are strong on both sides of the ball. And even in the midst of disarray, UCLA found some way to make a game out of their match-up.

A leader commands the respect of those whom he/she leads. Players, current and incoming, have shown through their consistent unparalleled effort (current players) and by the holds on the mass decommiting (incoming players) how much they respect Walker and will follow him anywhere (National Championships?). Players rally around him. Here is an excerpt from the LA Times:

UCLA’s postgame news conference turned into an unsolicited infomercial for Walker’s candidacy for the permanent job. Markey offered a succinct “Hire Coach Walker.” Horton, who was credited with five solo tackles and assists on two others Saturday, said Walker “knows how to get the best out of his players.”Davis, a second-team All-American and semifinalist for the Bednarik award, said Walker “should be the future of this program, and it’s going to be a sad thing if they don’t hire him as the head coach.”What he’s done with this team, the way the team’s responded the past two weeks, you know, he’s done everything that he could. He and the rest of the staff stepped into a pretty tough situation. He dealt with things that some coaches never have to deal with in their entire lives.”

Other people want Walker too. Bob Condotta over at the Seattle Times reports on UDub’s pursuit of Walker:

Reports out of LA are that DeWayne Walker will not be interviewed for the UCLA job until Wednesday. He’s one of the leading candidates for the UW defensive coordinator position, as well, and he’s unlikely to make a decision on that until he knows what happens with UCLA.        

The blog at The News Tribune reports similar posts:

I’ve heard from several people that Washington has asked UCLA’s permission to talk to DeWayne Walker about the Huskies open defensive coordinator position.        

Industry professionals including Charlie Weiss, Pete Carroll, and Norm Chow respect him. The OC Register reports the amount of respect Norm Chow holds for Walker:

“I know DeWayne Walker may be better than both of those guys,” Chow said on KLAC/570. “DeWayne Walker is a heck of a football coach, which is why I wasn’t too surprised he did what he did at UCLA.”        

Walker might not have the head coaching experience that Walt Harris had. Per Bpbruin’s comment:

There are tons of counterexamples to your argument. Head coaches that bombed in their 1st stint but later won Super Bowls (Shanahan, Belichick). Mediocre head coaches who gained later success (Pete Carroll). Successful college coaches who couldn’t make it at the next level (Koetter, Joe Glenn, Dan Hawkins so far). Not everyone turns out like Jim Tressel or Urban Meyer. Dennis Franchione bombed at A&M. Walt Harris bombed at Stanford.To insist on previous head coaching experience is to limit your pool of good candidates. And that’s especially the case at UCLA, where very few successful head coaches have shown interest in the job.   

Walker is a hot commodity.


3 Responses to “Walker is a Hot Commodity”

  1. Brad in LA said

    This is why I said if they pick that cheater Rick Neuhisel over Walker. Walker should just go elsewhere and turn yet another defense around.

  2. jrbuff said

    how can you make a statement about dan hawkins when he is just in his 2nd year….from 2-10 to a bowl game, that in itself is an accomplishment….he is making it big time at the next level…get your information straight…merry christmas

  3. blackjack1084 said

    I think he’s anticipating the “Boise State” curse. Poor Koetter.

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