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DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.


Posted by wewantwalker on December 24, 2007

Yeah…some of the folks out there really have something against DeWayne Walker and I, for the life of me, cannot figure it out. I will, at least on this site, generally refrain from personal attacks the best I can. Thankfully, this thing called the “facts” does all the talking for me.

I will say this. I’m very flattered Bruins Nation did a direct response to my take on Rick Neuheisel. I think they’re scared no?

Folks, if we don’t have our integrity. We don’t have anything. I’d rather have a losing program with integrity than a winning program without it. I think if we get RN, UCLA is making a statement about how it views its football program. It would be making the wrong kind of statement.

As a reminder, I never attacked Neuheisel personally. I attacked his record. I learned how to differentiate the two in 4th grade. It’s a good people skill.

Our first topic is that of credibility. Just read ahead.

Assertion: Nestor believes Brian Dohn is DeWayne Walker’s Lapdog. He also said “Right now I don’t believe anything coming from Dohn’s reports” If you read the site, in general. the diaries and comments, they pretty much think Dohn is that one dude from the NYT that made stuff up. I’d look up his name, but you probably wouldn’t recognize it anyway. DD generally feels the same way.

I have a groundbreaking theory on why bruinsnation/DD might not like those reports. It MAY just be…because they don’t agree with them.

BUUUUUTT what the hell do I know.

Fact: Nestor wrote all this:

“Steve Bisheff of Orange County Register is one of the more solid MSM reporters from Southern California. Just like Brian Dohn from Daily News, he usually does his homework before writing a story. He is not a moronic bandwagoner like Plaschke or Adandes of the world, who simply glance over the sports stories of the day, and opine without thinking or more importantly actually researching about the topic. This was really evident during those dark days of Steve Lavin when most of these MSM journalists/columnists were buying the spin coming out of that posers’ cliche filled press conferences hook, line and sinker, while journalists like Dohn, Bisheff et al. were actually caring to report on what was so wrong with UCLA hoops.”


Odysseus: Brian Dohn is DeWayne Walker’s lapdog. Odysseus

“As always, Brian Dohn is a must read. Dohn understands and points out the ramifcations in a way that most reporters don’t”



More from Nestor:

Anyways – perhaps we should be encouraged when we read this bit from Brian Dohn, who…exercises some due diligence in reporting by looking up stuff beyond cutting and pasting paragraphs from Morgan Center press releases.

Ooh. Very Busted, indeed.

I especially like this one, when Nestor references another reporters work, comparing it to the mecca of sports journalism that is Brian Dohn:

“Here is a writer besides Brian Dohn who is recognizing what is unfolding in Westwood:”

This is my favorite one.
Yeah…I encourage everyone to go to Bruinsnation, use “brian dohn” as a search query, and bust out the popcorn. Very entertaining stuff.

Yeah, BN. Paper trails suck.

Next, we take on some DeWayne Walker comparisons to the most grusomely out-of-control football program in the history of D-1. I know what you’re thinking.

“WHAAAAAAT? They didn’t….”

Oooooh. but they did. Stay tuned, kids. Someone is gonna get busted again.


7 Responses to “Credibility”

  1. bpbruin said

    Talking about Nestor’s credibility, it took a fatal hit when he showed he flunked Football 101. In his writeup of the LV Bowl game, he of course ripped Walker, saying he made so many mistakes, blah, blah, blah. But the only specific thing he criticized was that Walker should have gone for a 2-point conversion at the end of the first half.

    Hmmm. I don’t recall anyone criticizing Pete Carroll for not going for 2 points when USC scored a TD at the end of the 1st half against us last year.

    Nestor’s argument was so laugably stupid that other posters there are calling him out, hoping he and others would retract it, since it makes them all look like fools. Watch Nestor as he squirms to dig out of the very deep hole he dug himself into.

  2. wewantwalker said

    Oh my GOD. I laughed out loud when I read that post of his. TOTALLY flunked football 101. It’s like almost a basic tenant of football. AND it’s not like our offense was putting up points anyway.

    I was thinking to have a post on this, but I think I’ll just bump this in a bit. You read my mind.

  3. BruinMIM said

    I’m not worried about DW not going for 2. I was more concerned at 2 things:

    (1) Why he didn’t use ANY timeouts on the final drive.

    (2) Why he called for a run up the middle with :09 left when a simple quick dump-off over the middle could have been attempted in order to reach the end zone.


  4. wewantwalker said


    Respectfully, I completely disagree with those two particular points

    1) He didn’t need to use those timeouts
    2) Why would you risk passing when your freshman all-american kicker can nail a kick from 28 yards???

    I think BYU just made a great friggin play at the end.

  5. wewantwalker said

    by didn’t need to use those timeouts I should be specific. We got the kick off didn’t we?

  6. Peter said

    My biggest problem with Dohn is that he lacks objectivity. He has said several times that he thinks Walker should be the next head coach. This opinion has clearly affected the neutrality of his reports and game summaries.

    One of the best examples of this is his “Report Card” for the Las Vegas Bowl. He gave an A for coaching, and an F for Special Teams. Kai Forbath was the first kicker in UCLA history to make two 50 yard FGs in the same game and also the first to make four 50 yard FGs in the same season (and I think we all know about UCLA’s rich kicker tradition), so it would appear that Dohn is a very tough grader.

    By the same standard, one would also expect a coach who loses to a team with a lot less talent to receive a fail. To be fair, the team had been poorly coached by someone else most of the year, but even considering that, UCLA was only a six point underdog. Again, it would be harsh to give a fail for beating the spread by five, but to give an A is incredibly generous.

    I don’t know how you can look at the extreme contrast in the toughness of his grading and not think there is any bias. I don’t know him personally, so maybe he hates Kai Forbath. What I do know, though, is that he likes Walker – a lot – and in this case it has definitely affected his reporting.

  7. Peter said

    Editor’s Note:I think Dohn has remained objective. He thinks Walker will be an “awesome” head coach. Remember, he has no other ties to Walker. When he says he doesn’t give a rats ass whether or UCLA wins or loses, I take him at his word. His record of being a really excellent objective journalist is longer than these two months in question. Even BN/DD will tell you that.

    BTW, I wouldn’t necessarily say Dohn’s a bad reporter, it’s just that in the last two months or so his opinion has prevented him from reporting objectively. He has said frequently that a beat reporter who has become emotionally attached to what he is reporting should not continue on that beat, and I think it is clear that he has reached that point.

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