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Where we stand: Rick Neuheisel v. DeWayne Walker

Posted by wewantwalker on December 22, 2007

Per Dohn, Walker will be the third candidate to interview with the chancellor 

UCLA officials said interim coach DeWayne Walker was getting a second interview, this one with the school’s chancellor, for the vacant head coaching position.
Walker, the Bruins’ second-year defensive coordinator, was not available for comment because his team was about less than 90 minutes from kickoff against No. 19 BYU in Saturday’s Las Vegas Bowl.
He was told earlier in the day he would receive the interview.
Walker interviewed Dec. 11 with UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero and several other administrators, but this will be in the company of chancellor Gene Block. It is a necessary step before any coach can be named.

Given what I’m hearing and some logical deduction, I’m thinkin that it’s going to be Neuheisel vs. Walker and this is why.

First of all, I think Dan Guerrero is focusing on keeping Walker and rightly so.  If he does this, he can’t hire a defensive coach because that would make Walker essentially pointless. That leaves Al Golden out of the running.

So it’s Rick Neuheisel vs. DeWayne Walker. To me, the choice is clear.

Look at the boards. Go online. Check the paper. Neuheisel has a record of being an ends-justify-the-means type of guy. His records speak for itself.

UCLA has to ask themselves if they want to be that school. Remember what Dan Guerrero said at the press conference announcing Dorrell’s firing and the search for a new head coach (emphasis mine throughout):

“I think it’s important that someone understands the West Coast to a certain degree, that’s recruited out here. But that’s not an absolute. We need to get the best coach that is the right fit for us, that understands our culture, that understands we want things done with integrity, that’s just a great fit for our university. UCLA ties are not an absolute.”

“There are a lot of characteristics of a good coach should have that are similar to that Dorrell did have. First of all, integrity. He is a leader of men. And he knows how to organize and how to run a disciplined program. That’s an absolute not only for our football program but for every head coach in all of our sports. Those are expectations in how we conduct ourselves.

 Compare those comments to this record of transgressions. Night and day my friends, night and day.

Even for those that say they want an experienced head coach, I don’t think Neuheisel should be in the equation at all.

 Again, like I said before, I’m going to trust DG on this. I’m giving him a lot of leeway considering the Howland/Savage hires and the various circumstances surrounding Dorrell’s hire. If he hires Neuheisel, it’ll be because he think he can control him enough to where he won’t seriously embarass UCLA.

Integrity. Don’t forget it. I agree with Tracy Pierson when he said he’d rather have Karl Dorrell than Pete Carroll as a head coach.  Dorrell is a builder of men. Carroll seems to care only about winning.  Well, life is not all about winning boys and girls. If you don’t agree with that, then don’t read this blog.

Between Rick Neuheisel and DeWayne Walker, Walker should be the clear choice for everyone. Again, Walker’s numbers speak for themselves. Actually, between Neuheisel and ALL the candidates mentioned, I’ll take the alternative thank you very much.

We also can’t forget the Bellotti factor. No, Bellotti isn’t coming to UCLA. I’m referencing the fact that in a span of a few hours Bellotti publicly became a candidate, became the frontrunner, and nearly finalized a deal with UCLA: all out of the blue. We could have a candidate like Leach or maybe Steve Mariucci come out of the blue. Considerin what else has happeneed in this coaching search, anything can happen.



2 Responses to “Where we stand: Rick Neuheisel v. DeWayne Walker”

  1. bpbruin said

    “Well, life is not all about winning boys and girls.”

    I would feel empty if UCLA won a NC by sharply lowering their academic standards, hiring a $4 million mercenary coach, and recruiting a bunch of Rey Maulalugas. I want to win with class, integrity, and real student-athletes.

    I feel Walker is the best fit for UCLA. He loves the area, loves the school, and I believe will be more loyal to UCLA than Neuheisel. Remember, Neuheisel trashed his alma mater while at Washington. He didn’t need to do that; he could have just trashed the Toledo staff without bringing up the school. When I listen to Walker speak, I think of class, integrity, discipline. He has the rare quality where his players BOTH like and respect him.

    Brian Dohn gave Walker the highest praise imaginable. If Schiano left Rutgers (Dohn’s alma mater), he’d want Walker to be the coach.

  2. Editor’s Note: wow. We are honored to have your take, Mr. Walker. I will bump this to the main page as soon as I get home, as I’m on my phone. ill have more comments as well.

    I am pleased to see your site. I only discovered it today. Your point about DeWayne being more loyal to UCLA than Neuheisel has a ring of truth to it. I am DeWayne’s brother. I am the oldest child in our family, he is the youngest. I became a UCLA student when DeWayne was six years old.(UCLA Law class 1970). In addition to me, his nephew, my son, is an MFA film school graduate of UCLA, I believe 1997. We have a second cousin who is a 2006 UCLA graduate, my daughter in law is a UCLA graduate. I have been a UCLA fan since the age of nine. Jackie Robinson was my first hero. The Walker family from whence DeWayne comes, has been, always, a UCLA family. DeWayne’s son did not commit to UCLA solely because his father works there. As for DeWayne’s abilities as a coach consider this. In 1981 my family moved to Pennsylvania. My son attended Lower Merion High School (before Kobe) and he had a stellar career there, but, he played tight and defensive ends. He would not play either position in college because of his size. When my son graduated from high school we “shipped” him back to California to play junior college ball. After one year at Pasadena City College,where he did not play, he transferred to Mt.Sac to play for his uncle, the newly appointed secondary coach under Bill Fiske. After two years at Mt. Sac, my brother successfully transformed my son into a sufficiently competent cornerback. My son never played cornerback in high school. After two years at Mt SAC my son earned a full athletic scholarship to Vanderbilt University. My son had a fine career at Vanderbilt starting at cornerback against such powerhouses as Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and LSU, just to name four, during his two years at Vandy. I tell DeWayne all the time that I owe him more than $80,000.00. Thanks to DeWayne my son earned a quality degree and had the rare experience of playing football in the SEC. Please discount my support of DeWayne for the HC job at UCLA because of family bias. But I am also an Alum as are many members of my family and we want the best for UCLA. His resume, including his success with my son more than recommends him for the job. I only hope Guerrero and the UCLA administration have the character to do the right thing.
    Wallace L. Walker

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