We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

I know who I want to UCLA’s next head coach

Posted by wewantwalker on December 22, 2007

“I was rooting so hard for UCLA tonite against BYU because Walker is the best choice. Forget the stats. Just watch his defenses. After watching a few games, you come away with a sense this is a very rare, very great defensive coach. Look how his stategy to blitz the BYU quarterback tonite worked so beautifully, You had a sense in the second half, in which BYU was held scoreless, that BYU never was going to score.

I used to have the same sense of brilliant defensive coaching when I watched Bill Billichek coach when he was a defensive coach for the Giants. It seemed like he had more men on the field than the other team. I think that is the best way to pick a head coach, find an assistant whose work you can view over many games and measure his brilliance.

And guess what. By that standard Rick Neuheusal loses out. You watch his offenses he coaches and you come away with a sense there is no rhyme or reason. Then you watch a Mike Martz and your jaw drops at his brilliance as an offensive designer.

Man I sure hope Walker gets the job.

Steve Lord”

Steve. Please comment more. -WWW


2 Responses to “I know who I want to UCLA’s next head coach”

  1. bones said

    So much in life is uncertain. But from what we all saw last night, one thing is certain. DeWayne Walker can coach. He can fire up a team and get the best out of his players. What he did in the short span of two weeks is take charge and prepare a weak and injured team to take on one of the best offensive teams in the country. The result of his efforts were right there for everyone to see. There is no need for more interviews.

    Yes, Neuheisel might come in and install a great offense, he might get the respect of the players, he might be able to inspire great play; but why take those chances when we already have a guy that has shown he will do all of those things. Forget the experience is everything argument. It is the judgement and actions you take when it counts that matters, no matter what experience you have had in the past. Hire Walker!

  2. BruinMIM said

    As Trey Brown said last night on AM 570 (to the best of my memory):

    “Playing hard isn’t enough… screw playing hard. Bruins deserve to win football games.”


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