We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

GameDay: Las Vegas Bowl

Posted by wewantwalker on December 22, 2007

Editor’s note: Couldn’t have said it better myself, Bones.  Walker likes to say “Everyday is an interview.” Well, today is a pretty big interview for DeWayne. GO BRUINS!
I imagine Mr. Walker is a little anxious about now. He probably didn’t get much sleep last night. This is Game Day for our gutty little Bruins! This team has been through a lot of emotional ups and downs. But it is game day! Whatever you may think of DW, he is our coach today. None of us should presume we know how or what he is going to do. Our team faces a very good team. DW has a whole lot of people looking at him through a microscope to see how he handles things. Will he blow it? Will the team’s performance reflect the confidence they have in him. There is a lot of pressure.

My guess is that he knows how to handle the pressure and that, no matter the score, the team will play with intensity and pride and you will not see us quit as long as there’s a chance of victory. DW will probably not get the HC job no matter how we do today, but for today he is our coach. He is part of our family; and families stick together. Let’s all wish him well.


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