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The Ball is in Mike Bellotti’s Court: The Bellotti to UCLA saga continues…

Posted by wewantwalker on December 21, 2007

UCLA’s search firm contacted Bellotti shortly after Guerrero fired Karl Dorrell on Dec. 3, but was rebuffed, sources said. However, armed with enough money to pay at least $1.8million, UCLA made another run at Bellotti, who is making $1,055,000 at Oregon. He also has a $350,000 buyout. Bellotti, who turns 57 today, was also the head coach at Chico State for five seasons, and has a 126-77-2 career record.

$1.8 million dollars. Wow. Thats more than Howland. Most numbers I saw saw UCLA’s budget around $1.5 million. Wouldn’t that make Bellotti the highest paid coach in UCLA history? UCLA, it seems, has finally loosened those purse strings…

Dohn also discusses concerns regarding Golden:

Golden, 38, is considered an up-and-coming coach, but his 5-19 record in two seasons at Temple, which arguably was the worst program in the nation before his arrival, makes it difficult for UCLA to hire him, sources said.

And Neuheisel: 

“There were some careless mistakes, some errors in judgment,” Neuheisel said. “I’ll take full ownership of them. They’re mine, and I apologize for them, and what I have left is to make the promise that they won’t happen again.

“I’m anxious to have that opportunity again to prove it. The past is the past, and if you’re paying attention, you’ll learn from it.” 


That’s the news roundup for now. It looks like Golden has too little experience and Neuheisel has too much, ahem, experience for Dan Guerrero’s tastes. Could Bellotti turn down an 80 percent increase in salary?I hate to be presumptuous, but that’s not happening. If UCLA is indeed offering $1.8 million dollars, I think we know who Karl Dorrell’s successor will be:


 Just kidding. Really now:


It’ll be an interesting 72 67 hours. And MIM, remember when you weren’t sure how I could be sophomoric without mudslinging? I think thats a good example right there.

 I’ll have a rundown of Bellotti and his numbers tomorrow. 



One Response to “The Ball is in Mike Bellotti’s Court: The Bellotti to UCLA saga continues…”

  1. bones said

    Belotti will look good in Bruin Blue. I agree that I don’t see how he can turn down the money and position. I hope he keeps DW. But if he doesn’t DW will be okay somewhere and be a HC some day. But if I were betting, I would bet DW stays.

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