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Bellotti offered the UCLA job OR Where’s Chris Petersen?

Posted by wewantwalker on December 20, 2007

Two titles for this post. And by reading below, you’ll see why. Per Dohn,  

Sources are telling me a decision on whether Bellotti, Oregon’s coach, comes to UCLA should come in the next 72 hours.


To me, that says UCLA has offered him the position and he’s got the weekend to decide. Holy Drama. 

Now this is where it gets REALLY REALLY REALLY interesting.  I actually read this on BRO and I would not dish out premium content, but I swear this idea crossed my mind and mouth before Tracy’s post and I have the witnesses (okay, one witness) to prove it. 

Say this is your standard arm-twisting job. Say Bellotti IS trying to get more cash out of UCLA. Oregon’s got Nike and Phil Knight, theres NO WAY that UCLA stands toe to toe with them right? 

Wrong. Petersen coached at Oregon and I’ve read in numerous places in the press that he was looking out for the openings in Washington and Oregon (BTW, I’m thinking Washington’s AD had a major brainfart by not firing Ty Willingham and picking up Peterson when they had a chance. Just my two cents)

I think Oregon knows damn well that they can get Petersen and pick up a damn fine young head coach. Why bother paying more for Bellotti when you have a premium coach in the wings? Not only that, but this works out perfectly for Oregon. Peterson Hawaii bowl is in…2 days and 17 hours according to the website. At the same time Bellotti gets let go, Petersen is free to talk. Talk about convenience!  Drama, sons, Drama!

Just when I thought this search couldn’t get any more ridiculous…


2 Responses to “Bellotti offered the UCLA job OR Where’s Chris Petersen?”

  1. Peter said

    So will this site be “BringBackBellotti” for the next few days?

  2. wewantwalker said

    haha. I guess so man. What’s not to like about him? He’ll voluntarily keep Walker and the guy wins.

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