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who gave those fools a blog?

Posted by wewantwalker on December 19, 2007

Finally, I’m making a post on the topic I believe to be the most important in the Bruin Blogosphere.

It’s not about Karl Dorrell

It’s not about DeWayne Walker

It’s not about this coaching search.

It’s about attitude.

Yes, attitude.

Before I go any further, I want to thank all those who have commented and visited this site. This is my first blog and to be having almost 4,000 hits in a day was something beyond my wildest expectations. I especially want to thank those who have kept the dialogue civil in the face of opinions that are polar opposites.

And that’s really what this is all about

Dialogue. Respect.

Not embarrassing UCLA.


I went to high school with one of the guys who started TedfordisGod.com, now thebandisoutonthefield.com, and he had some interesting, yet not unexpected comments about bruinsnation.


The Official Symbol of BruinsNation 


“Yeah, they get a lot of traffic, but god, they are the most pathetic jackasses to ever grace the pages of sbn.”

I’m paraphrasing, but that’s not far from what he actually said.

He then went on to say how they edited one of his comments for grammar and insulted him simply for being from cal.

God, how EMBARASSING.  Way not to show that you’re COMPLETELY INSECURE about being a bruin.


Bruinsnation has referred to Karl Dorrell in countlessly horrid ways. They have demeaned him as a human being and attacked him personally. You can want a man fired without going after him personally. Really, try it. Oh, and they attack the players, too.

And calling DeWayne Walker a shameless self-serving hack. WOW. If you don’t want the guy to be the coach, then say so. Don’t go make up stories and wild conspiracy theories with no credibility.  DeWayne Walker is universally respected. By anyone not in a straitjacket.


 The Official Clothing Line of BruinsNation

Our message is simple. Stop embarrassing UCLA.

Or you can continue to act like a brat and be the laughingstock of the Bruin/Sports Blogosphere.

But you know what, folks? There can be another voice.  This website was started because we think DeWayne Walker is a goldmine.  Apparently, both inside and outside this website, and inside and outside of Morgan Center, we’re not alone. But the concept is bigger than DeWayne Walker…it goes like this…

You can be funny. You can be interesting. You can have a sense of humor. You can be passionate. You can have a great blog…All without personally attacking individuals who have shown themselves to be dignified and who have represented this university well.


We aim to be that site. We’re not going away after this coaching search. We’re going to launch a new blog. We’re going to be biting. We’re going to be funny. We’re probably going to cuss and be a bit sophomoric. And we’re going to be a check on the looneys. Man, this is going to be cool.

And you know what? We’re not going to embarrass the great name of UCLA by slinging mud and acting like eight-year-olds. Yeah. I know. What a concept eh?


Stay tuned. It should be friggin’ fantastic.


6 Responses to “who gave those fools a blog?”

  1. Hey do you guys have any contact info (e-mail)? I don’t see it anywhere on the site.

    Editor’s note: wewantwalker@gmail.com

  2. CalBruin said

    Amen brother. The fact that other schools see BN as representing UCLA is embarrassing to say the least. Once you blog gets its name out there, true UCLA fans will flock to you. I do not agree with everything you say, but at least I feel like I can respond without being called names and people will debate things intellegently because, after all, we are all just trying to help figure out how to bring UCLA football back to glory. Keep up the good fight!

  3. CM said

    Its the encouragement of positive discourse that attracts me to this blog. It’s the fact that we can separate the person from the issue, are open to the possibility that we might not be right all the time, and can agree to disagree. Thank you for positively representing UCLA.

    Go Bruins!

  4. bpbruin said

    Thanks, this is very good news. Unfortunately, BN is one of the first places outsiders run across when they want to read about UCLA football. It does not represent Bruins nation in the least. The site originated as firekarldorrell.blogspot.com and then changed its name and domain name. But all that’s changed is the name.

    It still remained a site dedicated to getting rid of Dorrell, and is now dedicated to firing Chow or Walker from the very first day of hire. They called for Dorrell’s head only halfway into his 2nd season. One and a half seasons is not a big enough sample size by which to judge a coach. Should Nick Saban be fired after 6-6? Should Dan Hawkins be fired after 2-10 and 6-6?

    The ugliest embarassment in college football fandom this season were the Notre Dame fans. Nationwide, fans of all stripes read the crazy hatred pouring out of every ND board and blog towards Ty Willingham. Every loss and every problem was blamed on Ty. Charlie was hardly criticized at all. It makes me really wonder about those people.

    What’s pouring out of BN is just as bad. It really upsets me that some outside fans would think that all of us Bruins are like that.

    Here’s hoping your blog will thrive and present an accurate picture of the largely classy UCLA fanbase.

  5. Bailey said

    I postted two comments on DumpDorrell.com. The first one mentioned which forms of advertising would be the best bang for their buck. The second was suggesting that their efforts should be done in taste. My post got flamed by DumpDorrell.com and the DumpDorrell.com web administrator blocked my home IP address from accessing the site. I love that the site wants to express change and is very vocal about what they think, but when someone asks them to be classy then they shut that person down.

    Also, does Bruinsnation realize that our recruits are reading these pages too? If you’re a recruit, how excited are you about coming to UCLA when its supposed ‘best’ fans act so childish. Talk about being embarassed for being a UCLA Alum.

    Great positive theme on this site…keep it up and Go Bruins!!

  6. wewantwalker said

    Wow. I never even gave much thought to the idea that recruits would be reading these things. thats a great point!

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