We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.


Posted by wewantwalker on December 18, 2007




I would be shocked if UCLA hires Neuheisel.  He’s a good coach, but the recent reports that Neuheisel is the favorite are smoke and mirrors in my opinion. DG, has I think, proved that he’s not an idiot and knows what he’s doing.  Regardless of the final choice, I can almost guarantee that it will be a good one. DG knows how to play the game, knows how to keep things close to the vest, and DEFINITELY knows how to keep UCLA fans on their toes. It’s well known that the boosters and many former players are supporting Neuheisel, but it’s also well known that he’s not particularly well liked inside Morgan Center and DG has, apparently, said there’s no way he could get the job.  I think this is DG’s way of making it look like he’s seriously considering Neuheisel, to placate boosters and some players.  Then again, those boosters/players might have some serious pull on DG.  We shall see how it plays out.

If Neiheisel is chosen, I think you’re also guaranteed to have Walker stay on as well. Or, at least, It will be up to Walker whether he wants to stay on and not up to Neuheisel. Given Neuheisel’s past, I think he’ll be held to some notable restrictions. 

 I think it’s going to be Chow in the end, with Walker retained as DC and promoted to Assistant Head Coach.  I’ve heard a couple good rumors on this. But, again, DG is doing a good job of keeping things close to the vest.

We’d be pretty stoked about that scenario.

There’s been a lot of talk from the NUTJOBS on the Bruin Blogosphere that I want to address. It’s been on my mind the last few days and I intend to have a long and contemplative post on it later today.  I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, and its partly because this topic has been taking up a lot of my time.  It has to do with the Bruin Blogosphere in general and how I want this website to be a counter to some of the nutjobs who’ve, as I’ve stated before, embarass the vast majority of bruin fans.  You’ll see what I mean shortly.

Stay tuned. 


2 Responses to “Neuheisel?”

  1. BruinMIM said

    Comapring the two, I think Neuheisel is a better candidate for the position than Walker.

    (1) Obviously, Neuheisel has more HEAD COACHING EXPERIENCE. In 4 years at Colorado, RN went 33-14. Granted, his second 2 years were worse than the first, but RN did go 8-4 his 4th year after going 5-6 (*0-11 after sanctions) his 3rd year.

    In 4 years at UW, RN went 33-16. Again, the back 9 was worse than the front 9, but he posted winning records (8-4 and 7-6) those final 2 years, regardless.

    Not a perfect record, but at 66-30 (.685), definitely not bad.

    (2) Alumni ties. One thing that Dorrell certainly did was reach out to alumni who felt put-off by the Toledo staff. Neuheisel, as a RB-winning QB from the 80s, can certainly keep fundraisers and alumns happy on that front by his presence and his personality.

    (3) QB development. Can we all agree that, since Drew Olson and his exemplary work ethic left, our QBs have been unable to string together 3 solid games in a row? If nothing else, Neuheisel has assisted/ mentored/ tutored/ worked with some of the finest in the game, from the drop-back passer named Troy Aikman in the 80s to the rough-and-tumble McNair (albeit in his final playing days) in Baltimore.

    Call me crazy, but given our offensive inconsistencies for the past few years, I think that an offensive head coaches with experience as a QB coach is just what we’re looking for.

    Just look at guys like Petersen and Tedford, and compare them to guys like Dorrell, who, even as a former WR coach, still had trouble with our WRs dropping key passes.

    Is RN my No. 1 pick? HECK NO. I am still concerned about
    the ever-present NCAA shadow, and the drop-off on the back 9 at each of his previous HC gigs.

    But if it comes down to a choice between:

    (a) an 8-year NCAA Division I head coach with an over 68% combined winning percentage at 2 BCS-conference schools, 7 years’ experience as an assistant in Division I, 2 years as NFL QB coach, and 1 year as NFL QB coach/ offensive coordinator…


    (b) a 2-year NCAA Division I defensive coordinator, with 7 years’ experience as a defensive backs coach in the NFL and 1 year as defensive backs coach in the NCAAs, and NO head coaching experience at any level…

    … if I can’t get Petersen or Mendenhall, I’m going with (a).


  2. LA_Eagle786 said

    I ain’t down with Ricky

    No seriously, Chow+Walk with D-Walk taking over in a few years is the best course of action for this program.

    F it

    Chow + Walk in 08

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