We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

The word ’round the campfire

Posted by wewantwalker on December 16, 2007

The latest rumors have the top 3 candidates to be…

 Norm Chow/DeWayne Walker combo?

Steve Mariucci, Norm Chow, and DeWayne Walker.

Considering the nature of this search though, that could change…

Regardless, if Chow came on, Walker would almost definitely be retained. As noted earlier, Walker and Chow have worked together on both BYU and at USC just a few years ago and it is understood that Walker has a great amount of respect for Norm Chow. There’s also this infamous quote from Chow right after the USC game in reference to Walker:

“I know DeWayne Walker maybe [Editor’s Note: or did he say “may be”? Makes a huge difference huh?] better than [Former USC Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin and then-QB coach/passing game coordinator Steve Sarkisian] and DeWayne’s one heck of a football coach, and that’s why it wasn’t too surprising when Dewayne did what he did with UCLA”.

Mooch? Well, Mooch already retained Walker once: When Mooch did his one year at Cal and retained Walker as a DB coach. Other than that, we don’t know what Mooch might do…

I do hear, from very reliable sources, that if Walker was hired, he would retain himself.

nyuk nyuk.

This is the week where things get interesting folks…


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