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A counter-argument/June Jones

Posted by wewantwalker on December 15, 2007

BruinMIM has some interesting and compelling counter-arguments to the whole promoting of assistants thing, and also thinks June Jones would be a great get. Read his comments here. The two issues with Jones are that Jones would not come on board if Walker were retained and that Jones may be simply using UCLA as leverage in salary/facility negotiations with Hawaii. I don’t remember where I read the second one but I read it from numerous sources. If someone could track down that link that’d be great.While we really dig Walker, we have to admit, we wouldn’t be crying our eyes out if UCLA announced that a finalist for the Paul “Bear” Bryant Coach of the Year award was selected to be UCLA’s next head coach. I hope DG can convince Jones to retain walker. Or there goes the recruiting class… 


4 Responses to “A counter-argument/June Jones”

  1. Tommy Bruin said

    Gee, wonder why Jones wouldn’t want Walker, if he’s so fantastic. Maybe Jones knows something – like he’s part of the old, failed regime, is at best a mediocre DC, and an undermining influence for any new HC.

    As for the recruiting class, there’s no evidence that if Walker goes, they go. Even if that were the case, I don’t think we should mortgage of the next 5 years of UCLA football for 8 recruits this year.

    Not only should Walker not be the next Head Coach, he shouldn’t even be the Defensive Coordinator. We need a clean break with the Dorrell era of lowered expectations – this is our chance to really step up with a homerun Howland-type hire.


  2. Besides the notion that Jones is just using UCLA as leverage to get more money at Hawaii, it is rumored that he wants to bring along his entire staff if he came to Westwood. That has nothing to do with him thinking Walker is a bad coach; he is just loyal to the guys who have been with him in Hawaii.

    I also don’t understand the thought process that “Walker should go because he was on Dorrell’s staff”. That’s just throwing out the baby with the bath water. Walker has done a fine job at DC given the talent he inherited. Wanting him gone just because you hate Dorrell makes no sense at all. I want Walker to stay as the DC. He’ll continue to improve and his recruiting skills will stock UCLA with the talent it so desperately needs.

  3. wewantwalker said

    “Gee, wonder why Jones wouldn’t want Walker, if he’s so fantastic. Maybe Jones knows something…”

    hmmmm. maybe he has no clue who Walker is? or he’s loyal to his defensive coordinator? the guy just gave 114,000 bucks to his assistants…

    as for the recruiting class, I’ve heard multiple recruits say “If Walker stays, I’ll stay” or something to that effect.” Brian Price just said that too, our freshman all-american.

    and I just now read calpolybruinfan’s comments.

    Not liking dorrell is fine. i didn’t think he was a great coach, but that has nothing to do with Walker.

    so yeah. pretty much what calpolybruinfan said lol.

    Jeez, some of you fans are NUTS. I’m going to have a post just about some of you guys…stay tuned.

  4. BruinMIM said

    WWW folks — Thanks for the kind words and reference to my post. It is appreciated.

    I understand the desire to retain Walker. I simply, respectfully, disagree.

    I would ahte to see us lose some of the bestr ecrutis we’ve gotten in eyars, but I seriously do not think we would lose mroe than 1/3 of our recruits if we went a different route and hired, say, June Jones or Rick Neuheisel or (please, heaven) Chris Petersen as head coach.

    Every school that has ever released a coach has had to risk the loss of recruits. However, I would venture to say that schools hiring a proven, WINNING head coach are able to head off any serious bleeding of recruits on star power alone.

    Also, a castle cannot have 2 kings. A ship cannot have 2 captains. If Jones can be convinced to retain Walker, then by all means, get both of them on staff. If it takes a good raise to convince him of it, so be it.

    BUT a HC should be allowed to have reasonable amounts of autonomy over whom he selects. IIRC, Lousiville forced Kragthorpe (?) to keep Petrino’s old assistants, and by mid-season there was dissension in the ranks, complete with assistant coaches and players openly disrespecting the new HC.

    I am NOT saying that Walker would do anything to encourage disrespect for a HC. Nothing of the kind. However, if Walker or Jones have any sort of friction, no matter how harmless and temporary, does anyone NOT think that out of a team with about 80 young men on it are NOT going to pick up on it?

    According to coacheshotseat.com, Jones is making $800K a year. Figure with a BCS-incentive bonus or an annual raise, Jones is probably makling $1M right now. Hawaii (the school) is probably the ONE place in Division I where cost-of-living and facilties may be less hospitable than ours. If it requires a raise to $1.5-$1.7M salary a year to entice Jones to come here with his key offensive guys and at least have a quality sit-down with Walker, then I think it’s worth it.

    As for negotiations with Hawaii — I’m a Laker fan. I’m used to the possibility of free agents shafting my home team management for leverage all the freaking time. That being said, how do you coutner someone going for leverage by using you?

    Answer: Hit them with so much “leverage” that they end up backflipping off the diving board over to you.

    We are well underway in the midst of improving our facilities. Is Hawaii?

    We are sitting in the perennial hotbed of football talent in this country. Is Hawaii?

    We are in a conference where the winner AUTOMATICALLY gets a BCS Bowl. Is Hawaii?

    We play in the the most hallowed stadium in all of college football? Does Hawaii?

    We play games that are broadcast in daylight hours on ABC (OK, and Fox, too, d*mn it). Does Hawaii?

    People wait for highlights of OUR games on GameDay, not wait for highlights AFTER our games.

    If, if, IF!!! we could combine Jones and Walker, just imagine — pro-style defense with an innovative offense from a pro-experienced, college-proven head coach.

    The COMBINATION would be considerable.


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