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DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

UCLA’s long distinguished history of promoting assistants

Posted by wewantwalker on December 14, 2007

Okay. Hold on.I’m trying to think of one… Lavin. Despite what some might say about Lavin, Lavin was and still is a great coach.


Regardless of how people may feel about Steve Lavin, we, at WeWantWalker want to make something very clear: We would definitely hit that (the one on the right).

I’m kidding (about Lavin being great. or for that matter good. or competent. or pretty much anything positive. I’m not kidding about wanting to hit that [the one on the right])! I know half of you had heart attacks. I know, I know. I’m a complete jackass.  But to be honest, I pictured Nestor and the Nestoristas of BruinsNation turning bright red. and you know what? I got a kick out of it. I’m terrible.

That being said, I’m surprised how BN took the creation of this site. We we’re only called “silly” and  “trash” and “freaks.” I’m disappointed, Nestor! Where are the rape allegations? What about treason? Murder? Race-baiters? Racists? Trojans? Terrorists? Come on, Nestor, I’ve seen you do waaaay better. buuut I digress…

Toledo? nah. He was actually a head coach at Pacific so he actually had some experience. And he seemed, by all accounts, to have lost control of his program and led its mighty fall into the ground…hmmmmmmm.

Vermeil! Dick Vermeil was a gold mine, too bad he didn’t stick around…

Donahue? Well, Donahue wasn’t a disaster as some believe. He had his moments, he won Rose Bowls.  That being said, he could have done a lot better. On the other hand, considering it was Donahue who got Karl Dorrell to start coaching, we have to give him a few demerits for that.

And Dan Guerrero needs to get the locks changed at the Morgan Center if TD is still giving any sort of advice on the process.  The man ran the 49ers into the ground. I think its safe to say that personnel isn’t his thing. 

So Vermeil. Am I missing anyone? bleh.

We understand the tradition and history of UCLA football and basketball.  We also understand that UCLA doesn’t have a good history of hiring assistants. By “doesn’t have a good history” we mean it has a disturbingly apathetic and nauseating history.

But we don’t think Walker is just any assistant.  We were NOT impressed with the Lavin, Toledo, or Dorrell hires.  Walker’s leadership abilities, his remarkable turnaround of the UCLA defense, and his outstanding recruiting abilities are well documented. Sure, Lavin and Toledo could recruit, but they never proved to us that they were “ball” coaches.  It ultimately led to their downfalls.

Walker ain’t like that. And trust us. We know that it takes a lot of chutzpah  to champion the promotion of “another assistant” at UCLA. But Dewayne Walker isn’t just “another assistant.” 


2 Responses to “UCLA’s long distinguished history of promoting assistants”

  1. Tommy Bruin said

    Editors note:Try reading past the first two lines next time, homie. Geez, what a jackass.

    OK, I get it now, this site is a joke. How else can anybody take it? You cite the Lavinoma as an example of why hiring an unproven assistant is a good idea?

    Lavin = Walker

    We’ve suffered enough. We want a real Head Coach, not another Lavin or Dorrell. We want a Howland-hire for our next football coach. We don’t want another experiment gone wrong prowling the sidelines for the next 5 years.


    2 years as mediocre Defensive Coordinator does not a Head Coach make.

  2. Peter said

    Editor’s Note: I think you met why he should be fired so I helped you out here (what a nice guy huh?). Regardless, Do you really think he should be fired? What’s wrong with at least retaining him if the head coach is okay with it??? Seems a little extreme to me…

    This history is exactly Walker should be not fired, no matter how appealing he might seem.

    UCLA has hired 3 HCs with previous head coaching experience since 1940 (Sanders, Prothro, and Rodgers – no, Pacific does not count). They combined for a record of 126-49-5 (.714). In contrast, Terry Donahue had a record of 151-74-8 (.665). When you hire a proven commodity, you are more likely to get a good result.

    UCLA needs to show it is committed to building a successful football program, and that means they have to hire someone who has been a (succesful) head coach. Obviously I am disappointed by the current candidates, but I have not given up hope that someone like Mendenhall might enter the picture after the bowl game. If not, Neuheisel (or maybe Golden) should be our top choice.

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