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What does UCLA’s offense have to do with UCLA’s defense?

Posted by wewantwalker on December 13, 2007

It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine, but picture this.

For every second UCLA’s offense is off the field, thats another second the defense is on the field. 

That’s another play that the defense has to stop. That’s another few yards added onto the total. That’s another play that tires the defense.

It may not seem like too much, but when you look at the big picture, it adds up quickly.

UCLA is currently ranked 97th in time of possession. 97th. Out of 119. Too many people omit this fact when considering the efficacy of Dewayne Walker and his defense. But I’ll reemphasize: More time = more yards = more fatigue.  Not just for UCLA, but for ANY defense.  I, personally, can’t believe Walker kept his defense motivated when the offense was 106th in third down conversion percentage. 106th! I have to shake my head when people ignore these statistics.

They say that a quarterback makes his money on third down. Third down’s are crucial for any offense.

So what does that say about a defense that, time after time, holds its own on third down? Doesn’t a defense make its money on third down, too?

Cuz, I coulda sworn, UCLA is 3rd in the country in that exact statistic. 3rd out of 119.

There are those darn numbers again…


One Response to “What does UCLA’s offense have to do with UCLA’s defense?”

  1. ABW said

    you might want to ask yourself this question … for every second our defense is on the field how long do you think the OPPOSING offense is on the field?? 1 second. Odd that. Don’t they get tired too?

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