We Want Walker

DeWayne Walker for UCLA head coach.

We Want DeWayne Walker

Posted by wewantwalker on December 7, 2007

This is a simple website. With a simple message.

We–the students, alumni, fans, and parents of UCLA football–want Dewayne Walker to be UCLA’s next football coach.

Athletic Director Dan Guerrero made it very clear. He wants a coach that will bring consistent, excellent results on the field and integrity and class off of it.

And Walker will do just that.

It is the charge of this website to show to the UCLA community that it, for once, it doesn’t need to look far and wide for a fantastic head coach.

They’ve got one right under their nose.

Over the next days, we will assemble the evidence, we will gather the statistics, and we will compile the accolades. When all is said and done, there will be very little question of who UCLA will want as its next head coach:Photo by Lisa Cates

We Want Walker. Let’s do this.


12 Responses to “We Want DeWayne Walker”

  1. Karl Dorrell said

    E tu’ D Walk?

  2. OCFan said

    Cool site. I support Coach Walker as well. Hope to see him lead our boys onto the Rose Bowl field next season. He IS someone whom I have always wished to be at UCLA. A strong recruiter, great defensive mind, integrity and character.

    Experience is overrated especially if it’s bad experience. John Mackovic anyone? Singlehandedly destroyed the Arizona’s program. How about Tom Holmoe? He is the reason Tedford is being paid 2.5 million today.

    There was an article that ran in today’s Register that is indirectly related to Walker. The current commits and the relationship built by Karl Dorrell and the coaches to the LA City schools.


    UCLA, don’t let these kids down! Don’t let down the City of Los Angeles! Give the people another choice than to root for SC!

  3. me said

    I would love to have Norm Chow be the head coach and to keep Walker as our DC/Recruiter.

    In a few years Chow can retire and Walker can be the HC/DC/Recruiter.

  4. UCLABruin76 said

    After the Extremely negative stuff put on other sights, thx for having a Positive sight which includes plenty of quality information

  5. wewantwalker said


    That’s the most important comment I’ve seen on this site. Too many of the UCLA site are cutthroat. Yes, you can be passionate, but we we want to keep this site above the fray, while still keeping it open to all points of view.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

    -the WWW team

  6. You don’t take the Bruins Nation viewpoint that a black man can’t coach a top team? Are you not filled with nothing but hatred? Are you trying to make it seem like there are sane UCLA fans on the internet?

  7. uclablue said

    I take your opinion and this website very seriously because it has the ability to influence people’s decisions. This coaching decision is a serious, multi-million dollar decision. So let me be as forthcoming as I can and try to reason with you. I’m assuming that you, like me, want to win national championships and PAC-10 championships. You will also likely concede that UCLA is the best university in the nation, and should have a fitting football program.

    You present Dewayne Walker’s numbers and his ability to recruit with the belief that these would translate into him having success as a head coach here at UCLA. I don’t have a problem with the numbers he put up here, which were admirable, although they weren’t great and definitely were not spectacular. But the real truth of the matter is that the numbers he put up here are irrelevant. Even if Walker had absolutely eye-popping, video-game-like numbers, it would be irrelevant.

    Experience has shown us, as college football fans, that there is no correlation between numbers coordinators put up and their success as head coaches. There are endless examples of this. Karl Dorrell is an example of this. Yes, there is a possibility that a defensive coordinator without any (not even high school) head coaching experience would have success here. But there’s also a possibility that he wouldn’t have any success here, or that he might even put the program in a deep hole. Which leads us to the real issue at hand: Hiring Dewayne Walker is a gamble. And I’m tired of the Morgan Center and our uninformed fans gambling with our football program. No offense, but my family and I love football, have spent a lot of money on this program over the years, and we are tired of losing. It gets old seeing your mediocre team lose badly, and it’s equally embarrassing to watch them win games in the sorry fashion they have over the last few years.

    The whole “Dorrell situation” was bad for everyone. It was bad for Dorrell, who I am empathetic for, bad for the kids in our football program, and bad for the fans because we were let down. Situations like this arise when people make uninformed, reckless, multi-million-dollar decisions. With Karl Dorrell, the Morgan center tried to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Who were they kidding when they said that our program under Dorrell had the potential to win championships? Where was the proof of that? Dorrell should have had to show, just like Walker should now, that he could win as a head coach at a lower tier university before he stepped onto the greatest field of the greatest university in the nation.

    Now maybe you have a “gut instinct” Walker would make it here, or you think his numbers and recruiting abilities are just too good to ignore. But that’s no good reason to hire him when there are many head coaches out there with proven success and BETTER numbers. There IS a correlation between head coaching success at one university leading to head coaching success at another, obviously. Otherwise no one would be going after Nutt, Nick Saban, or Les Miles. People go after them because they are PROVEN LEADERS. And I think, as someone who wants to win championships, that UCLA deserves no less. There are countless candidates for our empty head coaching job who have years of proven head coaching success. There’s no reason why we should gamble on yet another defensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator of only two-years, at that.

    I want to stress again that Walker might have success here and that what he has done with our defense is admirable. But at this point a coach who “might” have success is not sufficient. And, let’s be serious here. Do you really think Dewayne Walker, defensive coordinator of 2 years, has more potential to turn this program around and win championships better than the other candidates out there? Could he do it better than Todd Graham, Chris Peterson, Mariucci, Grobe, Leach, or even June? I think if you are honest, you will realize that there are better head coaching candidates out there. And we shouldn’t settle for less. This is UCLA, god-damnit. Champions are made here. Let’s make them on the gridiron, Sanders style.


  8. starakawa said

    Walker does not deserve the job.

    As for the arguments above, they leave out several salient points. Why is there no mention of the atrocious losses at the hands of UTAH, BYU, UofA, WSU, etc. Anyone forget how Walker’s D and soft playing style at South Bend cost us the game? They also fail to note that we were fortunate enough to have gotten Cal and Oregon when they QBs were injured. In addition, the 2 defenses prior to Walker’s arrival were young and inexperienced – as they matured they improved as a unit. I am sure some of this is Walker’s doing but much of this should be attributed to experience. Walker is an above average coach who may one day be a decent Head Coach, but at this point his credentials are less then Dorrell’s when he was hired and we all know how that came out.

  9. snorkeldorf said

    Norm Chow should not be dismissed out-of-hand just because he lacks head coaching experience. 35 years in the game, he is a class act who has won wherever he has coached and has done nothing but made his players better. He is unquestionably the best offensive mind in football today – some might argue the best ever. One poster mentions players back to Carson Palmer who he developed. Well, we need to go back a lot farther than that … how about NFL hall of famer Steve Young and the legions of other BYU quarterbacks that succeeded him? You cannot put a price tag on Norm Chow’s experience and when he is willing and able to share that with us, how can we turn it down?

    DeWayne Walker is no doubt a fine man. Kudos to him for a fine two years as Defensive Coordinator at UCLA. But two years as a Defensive Coordinator does not translate into a head coaching position at a premier university. And if Norm Chow wants to keep Coach Walker, more power to him, but it shouldn’t be a condition of hire. A head coach needs to be given complete control otherwise he is a head coach in name only and that’s no way to run a successful program.

    Norm Chow will do UCLA proud. Please, Dan Guerrero, do the right thing.

  10. No said

    Yes Dan, do the right thing, don’t hire Walker as the HC

  11. Achillies said

    Everyone at Bruins Nation supports DeWayne Walker. He is a great representative of the University, a great coordinator and the best recruiter in the Pac 10. He deserves a chance to coach the Bruins. He understands the culture, has formed relationships with the local high schools and wants to be at UCLA.

    Great blog by the way. First class. Really puts our trash of a dump site to shame.

  12. Richard said

    When DW can solve a spread offence [Editor’s note: offence? you Canadian?] (FSU, WSU), then we will take him seriously. I’d rather have Rocky Long back.

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